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For over 20 years, Phocal has provided telecommunications support and services to businesses in the Bay of Plenty. With our wide range of telephone systems we aim to provide the perfect solution to suit your business needs. Our customised telecommunication solutions help businesses establish effective communication channels, control costs and connect to customers and partners worldwide, whether you use VOIP, ISDN, IP Phones, cloud-based solutions or an onsite PABX. We install and maintain a number of different brands of PABX, including – but not limited to – Samsung, Panasonic, Hybrex, Grandstream and 3CX.

Our Brands

PHOCAL is a multi-vendor company that can supply and install a range of PABX brands including:






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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) delivers digital phone lines over your existing internet connection and can drastically reduce your monthly TELCO expenses.

Call PHOCAL now to arrange a detailed analysis of your phone bill to find out how much you could be saving each month.


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PABX Systems

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) systems range from small devices of 4 extensions, to the large systems of 2000+ extensions. Available for single site and/or networked multi-sites. Tailored and customised solutions to best meet your individual needs.

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Call Accounting Software

Track incoming and outgoing call details and call costs by a single extension, by department and by incoming/outgoing phone lines. With check in and check out feature and an automated GST invoice generator.

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Samsung’s new range of IP phones

Samsung’s new SMT-6000 series offers both wired or wireless IP phones. With their distinctive design, intuitive operation and call handover to cell phones, these could be the perfect solution for your business. Watch this video to see for yourself.

3CX Software-Based PBX

The feature-rich 3CX phone system can run on your existing server, saving you initial purchase costs and reducing your monthly Telco bills by utilising VOIP technology. Watch this video to learn about its many features.