PHOCAL deals in providing highly advanced and customized security cameras in rotorua to meet your requirements, with complete installation, setup and product training by our expert and qualified support staff.

Surveillance and security cameras provide security for your home as well as your organization. We provide a range of highly advanced security cameras such as CCTV dome camera, CCTV surveillance camera, IP camera, zoom camera, night vision waterproof camera.

Most of our surveillance systems and security cameras are equipped with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems and DVR viewer software for Windows and Mac-based computers.

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CCTV Security Cameras

We offer state-of-the-art, competitively priced CCTV security cameras in rotorua and can recommend and install the right system as per your requirement. Receive a free risk audit of your premises with the purchase of any security camera system.

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Commercial Security Systems

We have commercial CCTV surveillance systems that are ideal for small businesses such as a dairy or small shops. Our complete system gives you peace of mind and will cover 100% of any small business with the visible cameras ensuring effective theft deterrence.

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Residential Security Systems

Since there are wide variety of options with security alarm systems for homes and businesses (including wired and wireless alarm systems), we discuss and analyze through your requirements and select and recommend a system that best fulfills your needs.

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Security Services

Future-proof your businesses with intelligent business security systems and telecommunications solutions. Phocal has developed a reputation for delivering high quality, end-to-end business security systems, security solutions and telecommunications solutions at best competitive rates.

Phocal brings to you the revolutionary concept of IP cameras which are truly necessary for homes and organizations. IP cameras help you to view the target sights through internet connection on computers, tablets and mobile phones though you are far away from your homes or organizations.